Building Instructions for Sedia 1 Chair, by Enzo Mari

franklin  2/04/14

R.E.M., 2 October 85, Complete Show

franklin  28/06/13

Here’s R.E.M. performing on the German TV program, Rockpalast, in October 1985.


franklin  12/03/13


ian  8/12/11

Cyberpunk Documentary c. 1990

101 Spring, Revisited

franklin  18/05/11

Design Observer republishes some observations on the place, written by Donald Judd himself in 1989. (Referenced here, earlier, in zingmagazine 18.) This time accompanied with some photographs of the space by Elizabeth Felicella.

Previously: 101 Spring St.

Lobster Roll

franklin  10/05/11

From the Red Hook Lobster Pound setup at the
New Museum Streetfest last weekend.

Atelier for a Glass Artist

franklin  10/05/11

Workshop/Classroom/Exhibition Space
designed by Shigeru Ban — Setagaya, Japan, 2006.

Rogers’ Retirement

Eric  27/03/11

I am retired from
the barber shop as
of Sat. Nov. 29.

My shoulders would
not take any more.

Thanks to all who
gave me your business
the last 36 years.

I pray God’s blessings
upon all of you.

Rogers Chenault

P.S. Sorry I could not let
you know ahead of time

Ancient Bits

Eric  26/03/11

Artifacts from Buttermilk Creek, about 15,500 years old. From the New York Times.

Previously: Bits from Blenheim

Allman’s Barbecue

Eric  11/03/11

When in Fredericksburg stop in Allman’s for a sliced deluxe. 1299 Jeff Davis Highway. Fredericksburg, Virginia. 22401.

Skully Board

franklin  5/03/11

Skully (also called skelly, skelsy, skellzies, scully, tops or caps) is a children’s game played on the streets of New York City and other urban areas. Sketched on the street usually in chalk, a skully board allows a game for two to six players. A sidewalk is sometimes used, offering greater protection from vehicular traffic; however, the asphalt on a typical city street is smoother and provides better game play than a bumpy cement sidewalk.

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